Monday, October 22, 2007

Datok Wan Suki pls stand up

No.. not the datok from Trengganu. I mean Federal CID director Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee. Watching him delivering his thoughts in Bahasa is enough to make me tense all over, like sitting for SPM again.. Maybe thats why his concern has not caught the attention of his Boss or our MPs yet.

Video quality of CCTv, if any, is poor... very poor. In fact he had given out a guide to minimum technical specification a cctv system should have to deliver usable video for police to work on.
In fact he had mentioned the list a few times since last year when interviewed by press about the break in by theives into a bank using power tools in Seri Kembangan last year... or was it Puchong?
Wonder if anybody is paying any attention to him. Or worse, people are already deciding on implementing cctvs not for the purpose, but for the money...

What video ah?

This past year a lot has been said about the quality of surveillance video in Malaysia. (Most being non existence or unacceptable as evidence). I am dedicating this blog to follow surveillance as it is laid out to the public in Malaysia. When do I start?... Soon ..heheh..